Waiting For Tomorrow CD album with free "Present Imperfect" CD EP

Waiting For Tomorrow CD album with free "Present Imperfect" CD EP


I wear my heart on my sleeve, so here it is....

I could not have made this album without the unstinting guidance, warmth and musical bonding I had with Martin Stephenson, a rarely surpassed talent in these islands.

They say “never meet your heroes...”. Martin is the exception that may prove that rule. He introduced me to some other fine musicians whose talent and musicianship has enhanced these songs. Thank you Martin, Malcolm and Niles; you just “got it”.


My musical DNA was set by my Mom, Margaret, an original rock and roller, and lovely afternoons at my Nan’s, Kathleen Higgins, immersed in old records.

Finally, without Lesley I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Love always.

Track Listing

1.All My Life
2.A View from Down There
3.Fullness of Time For June and Barry
4.Singing April Showers For Jayne. You knew.
5.We’re All Called Me
6.Better Road to Come
7.A Little Bit of What Kills You For Catherine Weller
8.Soft Water City For my city
9.La Luz
10.Bridge to the Stars For my Mom


released March 1, 2019

All songs written by Emma Flowers

Produced, recorded and arranged at Barbaraville Studios, Invergordon by Martin Stephenson

The musicians:
Emma Flowers -Acoustic & electric Bouzouki, lead & backing vocals
Martin Stephenson -Acoustic & electric guitars, Bass, Keys, percussion and backing vocals
Malcolm McMaster-Pedal steel guitar
Niles Krieger -Fiddle & mandolin
Jim Johnson -Drumming


Present Imperfect


My first recorded music, recorded early in 2018. I felt these songs went well together as a blend marking both our imperfect past and imperfect present; but offering hope that our future is as yet unwritten.


released July 1, 2018

All songs by Emma Flowers

Recorded at G&N Studios, Huddersfield, UK.


Emma Flowers: Guitar Bouzouki, vocals

Clare Laughton: Cello

Tom Swales: Drums

Kerry Hughes: Bass, Electric Guitar

Jo Nettleton: Backing vocals

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